Maniche: "Here to win"


Portuguese midfielder presented at training ground. "I have joined a great squad"

APPIANO GENTILE - Accompanied by Marco Branca and Gabriele Oriali, latest signing Maniche was unveiled to the media in the press room after this morning's training session:

Maniche, what's your first impression of Inter?
"I have only been here a few hours. Inter is a great club, it's very organised, and everyone knows what to do. This is very important because in this way a player can just concentrate on playing - the most important thing of all. My first impression is of an organised and well structured club."

Looking at your profile, we can see that you have changed teams a lot in recent years. Does this mean you miss Portugal?
"No, I don't think so. You never know what you're going up against when you change team. There can be favourable and unfavourable situations. The most important thing now is that I am here with the certainty that I can do well."

We can also see on your profile that you have won a lot, particularly in Europe. What do you think you can bring to a squad that is aiming to win the Champions League?
"Inter's players are very experienced and a lot of them play for their national teams. For me it will be important to fit it as best I can, and I can only do this by working hard. I'm not on holiday here, I want to work hard to achieve our team's goals."

An indispensable quality to win the Champions League?
"The secret is being a united group, a big family with lots of complicity between team-mates and coach. I am fully aware that it's very difficult to win the Champions League, but Inter have all the qualities needed to succeed."

Which position on the pitch do you prefer? How do you think you will fit in to the Inter team?
"There are a lot of expert players at Inter. I am a team player and not an individual, so I think my insertion will be easier. And in any case, the great quality of the champions here will help me."

Will you play in the Tim Cup tomorrow?
"I am in shape and I was ready when I arrived from Atletico Madrid. If the coach decides to play me, I am at his complete service."

What was your impression of Inter before arriving here?
"Arriving in this period could certainly make my insertion harder, but I like risks and difficulties, and I'm sure everything will go for the best. Here there are players I already knew, and important players like Cambiasso, Zanetti and Materazzi, for example. The help of all my team-mates will help me achieve good results."

Have you spoken with Luis Figo? What did he tell you?
"He spoke highly of Inter. He said I will settle in easily because I'm joining a group that loves running and working well to win. All this makes me feel calm and makes me feel certain that my adaptation will be the best possible."

You have always been a regular in every team you have played for. Is this a new challenge?
"It's every player's goal to play. I realise there's stiff competition for a place in the Inter team, but I am available and I will be happy if the coach decides to play me. If he doesn't, there won't be any problems because I respect the coach's decisions."

You arrive here from the Spanish Liga. Do you know any other players who play in Spain and who might be ready to join Inter?
"The Liga is a great championship and some of the best players in the world are there. Any great player would be welcome, just like at all the big clubs."

Is it one of your goals to be bought by Inter at the end of the season?
"My main goal right now is to train well so I can play for Inter. I know my value and I'm convinced I will have chances to play for this team, and not just in these coming months."

The Spanish press has spoken of your difficult character. Is it true?
"People sometimes confuse a strong and resolute character like mine with a difficult character. I want to win, and this is the only thing that counts. The past is the past now, and I'm happy to be here at Inter."

What's your opinion of the Italian championship?
"A tactical championship in which physical strength counts. It will be important to be in good physical form. There are some very strong players in Italy who are used to winning European competitions as well. There's definitely excellent quality in the Italian championship."

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