Mancini: "Hard game against Parma"


"Two hundred matches with Inter is a reason to be proud. It doesn't happen to everybody"

APPIANO GENTILE - Roberto Mancini briefed the press after Saturday morning's training session and Sunday evening's Serie A Week 19 match against Parma at the Stadio Giuseppe Meazza:

Mancini, Patrick Vieira is back among the call-ups for a competitive match...
"He's okay and he wants to be on the bench. We will see how things go with his recovery and everything else."

Is Maniche likely to make his debut tomorrow?
"It's likely, because he's in quite good physical form. He doesn't have any problems so he's likely to play. I don't know if he will start the match. We will see and look at things calmly tomorrow."

Maniche is more similar to Stankovic than Cambiasso...
"He's not at all similar to Cambiasso, but he can play in that position if needed. He's more similar to Vieira or Stankovic."

Of your three upcoming matches, the one against Parma seems to be the easiest one...
"It's not the easiest one. In the news conference before the Siena game I said it would be a hard game, and the same goes for tomorrow because Parma are in excellent condition. We have just started playing again after the break and this counts a lot. I saw them play against Fiorentina and they did very well. I don't think it's the easiest of our upcoming matches. It will be the hardest one."

Also because it's the first of the three?
"Yes, this too."

Parma have strengthened their team with Lucarelli, who always scores against Julio Cesar...
(Smiles) "Yes, I was thinking of playing Orlandoni..."

Is it true that all your players want to play against Juventus on Wednesday?
"A lot of them also wanted to play against Reggina on Wednesday. It's not the same thing against Juventus, but we want to continue and win the competition, and at the same time we're continuing with our work. So the more tired players will rest, and we will be fine with those who play."

It's your two hundredth match with Inter tomorrow. Do you remember the first one?
(Mancini laughs) "Two hundred with Inter is a miracle... I was a precocious player because I started early, and I also started coaching early. I hope to be on the bench for many more matches. I remember the first one, it was a Perugia v Fiorentina, we were losing 2-0, and we drew. I remember it very well."

How do you feel when you see Paolo Maldini still playing?
"I'm pleased. I think Paolo was, and still is, the best full-back there has ever been. This is proof of his seriousness and the technical ability he has always had. Without this you can't get to his age and play at this level."

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