Roberto Mancini after Inter-Liverpool


"Getting knocked out hurts. I'm really sorry for the fans"

MILAN - In his analysis of Inter's Champions League defeat against Liverpool, Roberto Mancini said the sendings-off in both legs proved decisive.

"We played 60 minutes at Anfield with ten men, and 35 minutes here," he said. "It's hard to come back after that. Getting knocked out hurts, but we mustn't make a drama out of it. We're thinking about the championship now.

"I'm very sorry for the fans, there were so many of them there.

"Scoring a goal would have changed everything, but it's a different match when you're reduced to ten men. Our regret is that we couldn't finish the match with eleven men."

As for Figo, who was not brought on as a sub after warming up, Mancini pointed out that there was no refusal by the Portuguese midfielder. "Figo had come from an injury and wasn't in the right condition to play from the first minute," Mancini said. "He didn't refuse to come on. He was warming up, and then the red card came so I had to change.

"Liverpool's defence is strong and we created three or four scoring chances. We were a bit unlucky. No one should feel remorse."

At the end of the press conference, Mancini announced: "Despite still having four years to go on my contract, these will be my last two and a half months at the helm of Inter and at the helm of an Italian team. I have already told the boys, and it's right to tell everyone else. It's a decision I had already made, it didn't depend on tonight's defeat."


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