Mourinho: "Ambition without limits"


Portuguese presents staff in news conference: "I'm no revolutionary, I'm a manager"

APPIANO GENTILE - José Mourinho held a press conference this afternoon after spending the morning meeting his new players as the Nerazzurri reported for pre-season training.

The Portuguese spoke for 47 minutes, answering questions about a number of topics ranging from his first impressions and the club's transfer targets to his ambitions and tactical schemes.

Here's part one:

Mourinho, can you introduce your technical staff to us?
"The vice coach is, as always, a man from the club. As you know, the choice fell on Giuseppe Baresi, an easy choice because all the information I had about him confirmed what I already thought. He is the right man to collaborate with me. I'm very happy because we're creating a very important empathy. He can be a very important man for us. And then there are my usual three collaborators. There's Rui Faria, who for many years has been my fitness coach, but I don't like saying this term 'fitness coach' because he's more than this. I prefer to say that he's my right-hand man because he's a very important person for me. Then there's Silvino, who like Rui has worked with me for many years. I have always said he's a good goalkeeper, but for me he's even better as a coach. Then there's Andre Villas who I always say is the man who works most, sometimes even fifteen hours a day, and very often without even a day's rest because he observes opponents and works on statistics with the computer, and it's not easy, but we have also found a collaborator at Inter to be with him and at the moment it seems like he's a great friend to work with him because he's a fantastic lad who wants to work with him. After, there's another person, Daniele (Bernazzani) the coach of the Allievi (Nazionali) team who were Italian champions last season. He will work with me sometimes and mainly in the pre-season training camp in Brunico. It's important for him to work with men, but at the same time it's also good for the work of the youth sector. This is the technical staff, but my staff is more than this - my staff is all the people who have to work for me, like the medical department, where (Claudio) Gaudino and (Gian Nicola) Bisicotti and the fitness coaches, and the whole structure of the club. And it seems like from the first day they all have great passion to work with me."

What message did you give to the players when you met the team today? From your first contact with the team have you understood why this is such a winning group?
"I think that being a winner doesn't mean winning and being tired of winning, and I never want to lose. For me a winning player, coach or a man in general is someone who is never tired of winning. From my first meeting with the team it seems like this is a group that wants to work, and with motivations. It's very easy and very hard to work with me. It's very easy because everything is clear and organised, with no doubts, and with honesty. Everything is said face to face and it's always very direct. This is why I say it's easy to work with me. It can be difficult if you don't have the same psychological characteristics as me. I want everyone to think like me. I want them to work well, with professionalism, passion, respect and ambition with no limits. I'm a person who always sets targets with greak risks; I'm a bit aggressive in doing this and I want the group to be like me and think like me. Together we can do a good job."

Do you feel a bit of a revolutionary in terms of your working methods and relationship with the media?
"No, no, no. I'm not a revolutionary and I don't want to revolutionise anything. I'm just a person with very clear ideas. I think this is important. My philosophy of life is a bit like my philosophy of coaching: to be honest, direct and clear and ambitious - characteristics that I never want to lose. Like I said in my reply to the first question, my staff is a staff of many people. A coach isn't like a coach of twenty years ago. A coach in my opinion has to be a manager of human resources. There's a big group of people who work with me, so a short period of adaptation is needed. They have to work with me and adapt but this isn't a revolution. It's just adapting the structure of the club and the people who work with me to my philosophy. There's absolutely nothing revolutionary about this."

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