Mourinho: "I'll tell you about my dentist..."


"He's fantastic. He's never had toothache. You can work in football even if you've never played"

APPIANO GENTILE - Here's the sixth and final part of José Mourinho's new conference, held at the Centro Sportivo Angelo Moratti this afternoon on the opening day of the 2008/09 season:

Will you have back all the important players who are injured now, in order to do your prearranged work?
"I have arrived at this club and tomorrow will be my first day of work with the team. We will then go to Brunico with the intention of working well and improving the team in relation to my footballing philosophy. For me it's a pity not to have the whole team available from the start, but these problems must be a reason to be motivated and I can't cry about it. The medical staff is working very well to get back these players who are very motivated. We have to wait, but it won't be easy to start with five players unavailable from day one. It will be a chance for the youngsters in the squad who will all be with me in Brunico. We want to create a group with a great empathy and great desire to be together."

What is the real difference between your Inter and that of Roberto Mancini?
"I don't think it's very positive to compare my work and my ideas to Mancini's Inter. He is in the history of Inter, and I'm not because I still have to work and win to make history at Inter. Each coach has different ideas. I don't like Mancini's Inter and maybe he didn't like Mourinho's Chelsea, but these things are normal. I have deep respect for his work and for what he has done for Inter's history."

Do you think you need a different mentality in the championship than in the Champions League?
"It's very important for the team to have its own identity. This means not being scared of playing against anyone and not having too much respect for anyone, and not playing European matches with exactly the same philosophy that you play championship matches with. The Champions League is a special competition and you find yourself up against teams with completely different footballing philosophies and cultures. Today you might play against an English team that plays direct football, and two weeks later against a Portuguese team that plays with direct passes and great dynamism and velocity. When this happens it's important to adapt our footballing culture, which is different from making a complete change. Having this ability to adapt is intelligent. I have a big experience of Champions League games and I can help my team improve its own change in this competition."

What does it feel like to be compared to Helenio Herrera?
"I don't like it because Mr H.H. is a man with an unforgettable history in Italian football and a special man in Inter's history. At the moment I am nothing compared to him. I am the coach of this team that wants to enter Inter's history, just like I was at Porto and Chelsea. I have just arrived here and I haven't won a single game yet, so I really don't like being compared to the 'Wizard' H.H."

How is your little dog? The feeling is that she feel happer in Italy than in England...
"I won't only have her in Italy. I will also have a very big German shepherd dog..."

When Carlo Ancelotti was asked last year if he feared your arrival at Milan, he said some controversial things about you. Why?
"You'll have to ask him. And I think he forgot one important thing. In the history of Milan a super important coach was Arrigo Sacchi who never played football better than me. Personally, my dentist is fantastic and he's never had toothache."

Besides a midfielder, have you asked the club to sign any other players?
"I can't say. This is a strange transfer market and I would have preferred it to finish on 31 July. Everything would have been a lot faster. But the transfer market lasts until 31 August so we have to adapt to the situation. We will see what to do."

Have you been reassured about the condition of Zlatan Ibrahimovic?
"Everything is positive at the moment. He will work with the medical staff in the first phase, then he will work with Gaudino and Bisciotti in Brunico, and there will be a third phase there in which he will also work with the team. We think we'll have him for the first match of the championship. The friendlies aren't important for him, so we will see."

Do you think six strikers are enough to win the Champions League?
"Yes. A team needs balance. It will be important to work together on defence and attack. We have many many solutions in attack, from the experience of Figo to the youth of Balotelli, from the physical strength of Adriano to the scoring instinct of Crespo and Suazo, and the talent of Ibrahimovic and the speed of Suazo. We have every possible solution."

How do you want your relationship with the press to be?
"I don't like lies. I can't talk about Italy because i have just arrived, but I'm a 21st century man like you and I have understood your market where sometimes lies sells more than truth. This is your life and I don't like it, but we have to adapt to this style. I understand your work and I have to work with you, but the protection of my group is much, much, much more important than you."

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