Mourinho: "I'm a 4-3-3 man"


"It's my favourtite scheme, with three strikers and three midfielders who give balance to our game"

APPIANO GENTILE - Part four of José Mourinho's news conference:

How did it feel to know that Milan presented Ronaldino today?
"I'm very happy. When I worked for Chelsea I worked for English football in general. Now that I'm at Inter I also work for Italian football. To have a top-class championship in Europe it's important for everyone to give their contribution. If players of the calibre of Ronaldinho arrive it's easier for the Italian tournament to return to being one of the most important. So I'm happy he has come to Milan."

Excluding Inter's players, which Serie A player do you like the most?
"This is a million-dollar question. There's a player I really like and he doesn't play for Milan, Juventus or Roma."

Have you also spoken to Nicolas Burdisso?
"Yes. I have spoken to all of them. The situation is easy: at the moment we have three central defenders - Burdisso, Materazzi and Rivas. But in a few months' time we could have six because Chivu, Cordoba and Samuel will return from injury. When all six are available we will have to consider that I play two on the pitch, one goes on the bench and three end up in the stands. This isn't a problem for me. In fact, it's an advantage because I will have lots of cover if there are injuries or suspensions. But six central defenders are too many. I have been honest with them and they are intelligent and have understood the situation."

Will the transfer market end with the arrival of a midfielder, or will there be a few other arrivals?
"The transfer market closes on 31 August. You never know what can happen until that day. We have to wait."

What tactical scheme will you use? I wanted your opinion of Ibrahimovic and Adriano. Do you consider them as centre-forwards or are you thinking of using them in a different way?
"We always have a philosophy and a starting point. The 4-3-3 is the scheme I really like and when I talk about this scheme I mean three pure strikers. The position of the strikers isn't important and it can change from match to match. The challenge will be defending with three players in midfield in order to give the team the complete freedom of going on the pitch with three strikers. At that point playing Adriano and Ibrahimovic together won't be a problem."

What do you think of Amantino Mancini, the first signing under your management?
"I like him and this is why I wanted him. He's a wide player who can play well in the middle. He likes playing between the lines, he loves playing diagonally and he gets into scoring positions. He's fast, he's creative and dynamic. He has an excellent score in Serie A. He's a right-footed player who plays on the left wing and I like this because he can move into the centre."

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