Mourinho: "I'm no fool..."


"Thanks for the compiments, but it won't always be like this and I won't change attitude"

APPIANO GENTILE - An instant hit when he was presented to the media last month, José Mourinho has the press eating out of his hands once again today in his second news conference as coach of Inter.

Here's part five:

Mourinho, in England they accused you of being a defensive coach...
"Not in Italy, right? Ah, in England... With Chelsea all the Premiership records were ours. From 2004 to 2007 we won the most matches away from home, the most consecutive matches, we scored the most goals and we set almost all the records. So I don't understand this kind of observation. We played very well with three strikers and with a diamond 4-4-2, always playing a very offensive and dynamic game in attack. We won many matches in the last 10-15 minutes and in many of those cases I used just three defenders when we needed to take more risks, and this is another system I like playing with. I like having this system as an ace up a sleeve - you can use it in the final minutes of a game when you need to win because it can bring you many important points. So whoever said that is not in love with me..."

Between Porto and Chelsea you won 99 consecutive home matches...
"In truth I haven't lost my last 99 matches played at home. I only need one more to get to a hundred. It would be a great satisfaction for me, but everything is possible in football."

Have you found a motivated Adriano?
"I can't say because the contact was more on a group level than individual. He's a player who was here and then was left out and went through a complicated time in his professional life, but now he has a great chance to return to European football and play for a great team like Inter. If he's not motivated, what does he want to do with his life? He will have to be very motivated."

A step back. Who is that player in Italian football that you like a lot? Is it perhaps Cassano or Hamsik?
"Sorry, but this question has no sense, otherwise you will name the players of every Italian team..."

What difference is there between joining a club like Chelsea that hadn't won a title for 50 years, and joining Inter that has won three consecutive Scudettos?
"It's the same thing. I don't think there's much difference. At one you want to win because you have never won, at the other you want to win because you have won and you want to win again."

In your working method do you accentuate competition between players in training?
"Competition between players is very important. Today I explained to them that most of my work is competitive. I always try to do this. I don't mind this 'war' between two players in the same position, and I like to have two options for every role so that whoever plays has to work to keep his place. The first choice always has to work to be first choice and the second choice always has to work to become first choice. This is why i like working with a smaller squad."

Since you arrived in Italy, the whole environment seems to be in love with Mourinho. Are you more flattered or worried?
"I have to thank everybody. My mental predisposition for work is the same whether they criticise or speak well of me. I can't be influenced by this. I like it and I thank them, but I'm no fool. I know full well that it won't always be like this until the end of the season."

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