Mourinho: "We scored seven goals..."


"Historic draw for Cypriot football. I'm happy for them, but this was a game we should have won"

NICOSIA - José Mourinho analysed Inter's performance against Anorthosis Famagusta on Sky Sport Italia after the 3-3 Champions League draw in Nicosia.

He said: "If we look at the Champions League Group B situation we can say that we stay in command with this result and we know we're in a comfortable situation to qualify. All we need to do is win our next match at home to qualify in top position. If we analyse the match we have to say that it was a match to win tonight.

"It's hard for me to comment but it's easy for you journalists. It's a match in which we scored seven goals. We scored three in our goal and three in their goal, and one from Cambiasso, who told me he has no doubts: the ball definitely went in. I'm unlucky with the linesmen in Europe. It's never a goal when there are episodes in our favour, but I have to admit that it was hard for the linesman to see because there was a defender near the post, and it was also difficult for the referee because he was outside the area, so I don't want to criticise them.

"This is a historic result for them. I'm pleased for them because they're a new team in a new country for football and it's a fantastic evening for them. For us it's just a positive result because we have almost qualified, but a team like ours should win easily.

"We can't talk about tactics today because it was an incredible match. We let in goals like schoolkids and this shouldn't happen at this level. We should have won easily, I can't say any more than this.

On the episode that led to Anorthosis' first equaliser, Mourinho commented: "Julio Cesar called for the ball and Burdisso decided to intervene like that. It wasn't a good decision. If he wanted to go for the ball he should have kicked it out of play. Anyway, at the end of the first half I told my players I didn't want to criticise individuals.

"We played with fire today because it was an easy match. Who knows what would have happened it they had scored ten minutes from the end? Caught up by the frenzy, we probably wouldn't have managed to draw."

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