Mourinho: "Sense of responsibility"


"Step by step. If we win tomorrow I'll watch Juventus-Milan in the evening"

APPIANO GENTILE - Besides giving his analysis of Sunday's Serie A Week 16 opponents Chievo, José Mourinho also spoke about Adriano, the comments made by Sinisa Mihajlovic, and Sunday evening's big match in Turin during today's press conference at the training ground. 

"Chievo are not the worst team in the championship and it's a fundamental game for us. They are bottom of the table and are playing for Serie A survival, but they are like six, seven or eight other teams who have made it hard for us at San Siro. It has been hard against Lecce, Bologna and Catania, and against all the other teams who have come to play in Milan, teams without fear, without pressure, who have nothing to lose against us. Chievo have won at the Meazza in recent seasons. They have also drawn and lost, but always 1-0, 2-1 or 4-3. They have never lost 3-0 or 4-1. They have always been hard matches and this means something. I don't think it will be any different tomorrow. It will be a difficult game against a team that needs points. They defend well, they are aggressive, they are well organised and fast on the break.  It won't be easy tomorrow. I have a sense of responsibility so I take it step by step. I know it won't be easy, but I also know that this is the only round in which Juventus and Milan face each other, and they can't both win the same points. We played in Bremen on Wednesday, rested the following day, and we trained well on Thursday and Friday. We didn't do much today because the pitch wasn't in the best condition, but we are prepared and we are strong."

"My official position is that the misunderstanding is yours, not ours. Adriano was substituted in Bremen for technical reasons, not because I knew about an injury. I changed him because I had lost Materazzi who was fundamental for us from dead-ball situations in attack, and the only possibility of opposing Mertesacker, who is very tall, was to introduce Ibra. I made this change without knowing that Adriano had felt a muscular problem when sprinting. The next day, the doctor informed me of this small problem, but I wanted to wait and take him to Pavia for tests. On Thursday we arrived in Appiano, as always I'm one of the first to arrive and Adriano arrived at a normal time. Training was at 10:30 and the players had to be here at 9:45. Adri arrived before then. The doctor told me he couldn't train and that it was necessary to do tests. That's all. He then went home, yesterday and today he had treatment and he returned home without any kind of problem. He can't play, just like Cruz, Rivas or Vieira. Adriano won't be able to play tomorrow or against Siena next Saturday. I'm expecting to have Cruz back for the next match. Patrick is improving, but I think he can come with us to Siena, just like Rivas."

'Balotaggio'... Mario Balotelli or Hernan Crespo against Chievo?
"Balotelli played 20-25 minutes in Bremen, in a very difficult game and he had a great chance to score. (Smiles) Maybe he'd have scored if he hadn't worn that head warmer... He did a positive job, nothing special, but he was normal. Crespo is working well as always, he had the chance to play about an hour (against Lazio) in Rome. He is in a condition to play."

On ex-Inter vice coach Milhajlovic's comments
"Inter's vice coach is Baresi, but Sinisa talks more about Inter than Baresi does. It seems like he's still here as vice coach, but he isn't. I have been at Inter for five, six months but I know a bit and I have already realized that Inter is an exceptional club from a human point of view. As for Adriano, I think everybody deserves a second chance. If he made mistakes in past years with Roberto (Mancini), I don't see why the club shouldn't give a boy a second chance. A few years ago, this club gave the chance of becoming vice coach to a player who spat in someone  else's face, so I don't see why Adriano, who has made mistakes, can't have another chance."

"We know Milan and Juventus can't both win tomorrow and at least one of them will drop points, so it's important to have a nine-point lead after the game against Chievo. The only important thing for us is to win tomorrow. If we do win, I'll watch Juventus-Milan in the evening..."

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