Branca: "A winning mentality"


Sporting director on Adriano: "Mourinho's words legitimate, but we have no transfer dreams"

ROME - Inter's sporting director Marco Branca gave his analysis of the season so far in a Monday morning interview on Italian radio.

"It's too soon to say that Juventus are our main rival," he said. "Luckily it's a see-saw championship for the others, whereas we are consolidating a winning mentality. It's better to win matches, like we are doing.

"You can't always have one hundred percent concentration and when we lose it - which happens mostly in the championship, we regain it quickly. Ibrahimovic? He's one of the three or four strongest players in the world, but it's not just him who scores at Inter. Maxwell scored yesterday, Samuel scored in Rome, and then there's Cruz. We're doing well."

Branca continued: "There's no news about Adriano. He sustained a small muscular injury and he will probably leave early for the holidays, but on 2 January he will have to be back here like all the others, and be here with enthusiasm. Mourinho's words? Not being Adriano, they are legitimate considerations. Inter have 39 points, more than all the others, and the questions are always about those who aren't playing. We have a very good squad which has been put together to be competitive at the highest level on all fronts, without forgetting that there are always eleven who play."

Branca has ruled out a possible swap deal between Adriano and Drogba. "There's no dream for Drogba. Inter already has a group of strikers covering the whole range of characteristics," he said. "Drogba is a Chelsea player and for many years he has been doing very well in London. We have our strikers who are doing just as well. There's no problem, it's just journalistic inventions."

Several players, like Hernan Crespo, are asking for more playing time. "Hernan enjoys our unqualified respect," said Branca. "By and large, we're not putting any player on the transfer market because we have realised that the number of injuries has been high in recent years. We need every player and we won't be putting any player on the market. We only will do if a player asks to leave, in which case we will try to satisfy him."

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