Mourinho: "Faith in my squad"


"The unity in this team is positive and this makes me optimistic for the future"

APPIANO GENTILE - More of José Mourinho's Siena-Inter press briefing:

What has pleased you most about this last month and a half?
"I didn't like those seventy minutes against Chievo. It reminded me of the ninety minutes against Anorthosis and Panathinaikos. As for the rest, I'm very satisfied with our attitude, our improvement on a tactical level, the capacity to keep the concentration high and the way the players communicate tactically during a game. It's a very strong group which is united on and off the pitch. All this is very positive and makes me optimistic for the future."

If Adriano doesn't return to Inter, will you confirm your interest in Drogba?
"The road to Drogba is a road that can only be opened by the player or Chelsea, and it seems to be closed at the moment. From what I know about the Chelsea environment, I know that they don't want to lose their most important players, so I think they are unlikely to give up a player like Didier. My contacts are on a personal level, not an institutional one. I have never spoken to anyone about this."

What kind of training camp have you organised from 2 January until your first competitive fixture of the new year?
"We will train twice a day, we have decided to stay in Milan for two reasons: I didn't think it would be positive to spend ten days in 35-40 degree heat and then have to acclimatise when we come back. The matches against Cagliari and Genoa are imminent. Appiano doesn't have the necessary characteristics for a long training camp for forty people. It's perfect for a pre-match retreat when there are twenty players, three coaches, a doctor and a physiotherapist. In January there will be over forty people, and this is why we have chosen a hotel in Milan to work in."

How do you see Chelsea-Juve?
"It's a fifty-fifty clash. I know Juve better Chelsea at the moment. I don't follow Chelsea much, but I watch Juve every week. They are two ambitious and competitive teams. There are some very interesting games in the round of sixteen: us against Manchester United, Juve-Chelsea, Real Madrid-Liverpool, Arsenal-Roma. The Juve of today has the intensity of play that Chelsea had."

The victory in 2008 that you remember most fondly?
"The victory against Juve was when I most felt the happiness of an Interista. No so much for me, but for the symbolic meaning of that match. Inter hadn't won for many years, and now we know why. And that match had even more significance because of this."

There's great interest in the charity friendly being staged in Brazil. Everyone is asking if Adriano will play.
"No, I don't think he will. Not unless there's a miraculous doctor."

Is it right to have prestigious round of sixteen matches like the ones you listed earlier, and then games like Villarreal-Panathinaikos, Atletico Madrid-Porto, etc.?
"I think its right. If there are rules, they must be respected. It might be a shame in terms of the spectacle, but I think it's right like this. I think it's right that a team who has played a difficult last sixteen tie should have fewer complications getting through the next round. Something really extraordinary happened to me when I was at Chelsea, and in that case the rules were changed exclusively for us: we had played the group phase in the same group as Liverpool. I also remember when Essien was disqualified for three matches through trial by TV and he didn't play the two-legged clash against Barcelona. The same thing didn't happen with Rooney last week, so he will be available against us. However, I acccept everything that comes."

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