Mourinho: "Thirty inexplicable minutes"


"The difficult moments don't frighten me. To improve, we need to analyse things"

BERGAMO - José Mourinho was interviewed by Sky Sport Italia after his team's 3-1 defeat at Atalanta.

"I can't explain it," admitted the Inter coach. "When my team doesn't get a positive result I usually like giving praise to the opponent.

"Today I prefer to say that this result is our fault. I have to shut up today and the press can use any adjective they like. I will have to accept it. I have broad shoulders and I prefer the criticism to fall on me rather than on my players."

On Inter's difficulties in their last three Serie A fixtures, Mourinho commented: "The match against Siena was difficult but we played seriously and with intensity. It wasn't easy against Cagliari but we won. Atalanta played a good match today but we mustn't forget that we went thirty minutes without playing, that they had four shots and scored three times. I can only say that we made too many mistakes."

A defeat isn't a drama though, as Mourinho himself explained. "I'm angry but I like the difficult moments because they can be positive and help change some things. When a team doesn't play well the coach analyses and reflects in order to improve.

"I prefer not to make comparisons with last year. I want to talk about today's match. I can only say that all the other teams will be happy about our position. If we talk about today's match I confess that the coach is the face of his team, the only person responsible for the defeats. We played our worst match of the season. I'm the coach, I'm not touchy, and I'm open to any type of criticism.

"On the coach back to Milan I'll start working to change the many negative things that happened in this match."

Speaking to Mediaset after Sky, Mourinho added: "I've done what I could to stop the team thinking about the Manchester United tie. We used the break to try out a few things ahead of the Champions League, but I had never been to Bergamo and I knew it was a difficult ground, so the players who have played there on several occasions should have known this too.

This is why, from a psychological point of view, they surprised me negatively."

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