Zanetti: "Not losing heart"


"Any team can have an off-day. Atalanta deserved to win today"

BERGAMO - Javier Zanetti commented on the 3-1 defeat in Bergamo in a post-match interview with Inter Channel.

"Anyone can have an off-day," he said. "This is the first one after a long time. We realise this and we pay our compliments to Atalanta who deserved to win today.

"Unfortunately there can be days like this but we have to keep working like we always do, without losing heart. In any case, we're still top of the table.

"What hurt us most were Atalanta's two quick goals at the start of the match. I don't think we can talk about a physically tired Inter, but only about a great Atalanta.

"We accept the result and now we're looking ahead to Wednesday's match. It will be a hard match and we'll have the maximum concentration."

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