Mourinho: "We're all responsible"


"The return leg will be harder now. We'll have to try and get the same result that Samp got today"

GENOA - José Mourinho analysed his team's performance in an interview with Rai Sport after Wednesday's Tim Cup semi-final first leg defeat to Sampdoria.

He said: "We made some mistakes. If you ask me if I'm worried, my reply is yes, I'm worried because we started the match well but then a ridiculous first goal came, and then a second from a dead-ball situation and we should know what to do from free kicks. The defence is giving too much away to opponents and it's clear that matches become difficult after.

"It's impossible to expect to have the same players in every match, and when you're without some players it's normal for the team to lack quality. Perhaps after this match some people won't ask me any more why the same players always play."

On Rivas, whose defensive error led to Cassano's opening goal, Mourinho commented: "A player who plays less than the others must know how to take advantage of his chances because these are important games for him, not just for the team. Rivas wasn't at his best, he knows this but it's not right to talk only about him. There were eleven players on the field, the coach and the others on the bench. We're all responsible for what happened.

"Vieira did well tonight. He played ninety minutes without any problems. It's a pity he'll miss Saturday's match against Genoa through suspension, he needed to put more minutes in his legs and improve his condition.

"The return leg will be more difficult for us now. We'll have to try and get the same result that Sampdoria got tonight."


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