Stankovic: "We were perfect"


"It's no small feat to win 5-0 at the Ferraris. My goal? I saw the goalkeeper's clearance, and..."

GENOA - Dejan Stankovic scored a screamer at the Stadio Luigi Ferraris as Inter ran out 5-0 winners against Genoa in Week 8 of the Serie A championship. "We were practically perfect," the Serbian told Sky Sport Italia after final whistle. "We created loads of chances in the first half and we scored three. In the second half we tried not to use up too much energy so we could get to the end of the game, but we still scored.

"Winning 5-0 at the Ferraris is no small feat but it has a great significance, especially when the success came by risking very little in defence. I repeat, we were all perfect, from the first player to the last.

"We did well without important players like Milito, Thiago Motta and Eto'o. We have worked a lot on our tactics and this is the fruit of our work. They are important absences, but our team-mates have to stay calm and recover in peace."

Stankovic, who volleyed home from the halfway line after goals from Cambiasso and Balotelli, added: "I shook hands with (Genoa goalkeeper) Amelia. For the goal, I move to the right because I saw that the goalkeeper had messed up his clearance, and..."

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