Moratti: "Good point in Parma"


"A good result at a traditionally difficult ground. Balotelli in the national team? Ask Lippi"

MILAN - Massimo Moratti spoke briefly to journalists the morning after his team's 1-1 draw at Parma. This is what the Inter president had to say:

President, a draw is almost strange with this Inter that is used to winning all the time.
"It was a good draw last night, a good result at a traditionally difficult ground like Parma. I'm not disappointed and I don't think the Inter fans are either."

Since the derby Inter have combined victories with good play. Does this positive change make you hopeful ahead of the Champions League?
"I have seen Inter play well many other times. I think the team is solid, but every match is difficult, the Champions League in particular."

Mario Balotelli said yesterday that he will celebrate a goal when he scores one in the World Cup final. Does Moratti think this is possible in South Africa?
"I don't know. Ask Marcello Lippi."

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