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Inter president replies to questions from readers of Italian sports daily via video chat

MILAN - ( Massimo Moratti, interviewed during a visit to Gazzetta dello Sport, replied to readers questions via video chat. Here are some of his replies.

Further triumphs - "I've not yet properly registered the win. Certainly if you don't enjoy it in time your mind immediately turns to new challenges. Football is like that."

Leonardo -  "Leonardo? I think very highly of him but I wouldn't wish on him the risk of becoming the Inter coach."

Capello - "I haven't taken a decision. We are really weighing things up. Capello is one of the candidates and he certainly has a good record. A young trainer? I had also considered Zeman... It is a help to have a young head. Nevertheless I believe that I have to choose a coach with a certain level of experience. We have to bear this in mind."

Mourinho - "We want to end this affair well. There is no set date by which I have to find a trainer. Who knows maybe Mourinho will stay and so there'll be no need of a new coach. It is good to conduct negotiations honestly and frankly based on an agreement between a person and a club, so I am going to keep it on that level. No arm twisting: we could put conditions, but I believe that it's not a conflict situation or one that calls for hardness. There is simply the fact that we would have happily carried on with Mourinho. No one was grumbling. Mourinho has been extraordinary. We totally recognise this but it doesn't take away from the fact that there is a relationship between him and the club and that this is a different matter to my admiration for him."

Baggio - "We need to respond intelligently to all this talk about Baggio. He certainly hasn't told me anything about wanting to become a coach. It could be a matter that is more linked to the club but we'll talk."

To repeat - "We are right to think in positive terms about next season, but there will certainly be a number of key factors. Above all we mustn't dismantle the system, but then we'll also need to find a coach with personality and the ability to safeguard the group. When you win so much you also have to be able to follow it up."

Fabregas and Gerrard - "Fabregas and Gerrard? I think that would be very good. However I don't believe it'll be possible to buy them. We'll see."

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