Mourinho: "I prepare footballers, not gladiators"


"I am not a phenomenon. I have always worked hard to help my players get results"

APPIANO GENTILE - José Mourinho prepares for matches through hard work and a thorough study of his opponents, as the Portuguese coach explained to after being informed of the declarations made by Claudio Ranieri in today's Roma press conference.

"Bearing in mind that Roma should have ended Wednesday evening's game with six men, considering that Mexes, Totti, Perrotta, Taddei and Burdisso deserved to be sent off for what they did, today he spoke about how to motivate players. It is done every day through work with the group, training session after training session. You certainly don't do it by showing the team a film before a cup final. Players are serious professionals, they shouldn't be treated like children. We preferred to work on the pitch and we studied Roma and their weak points thoroughly. If I got the team to watch The Gladiator before a match, my players would laugh or call the doctor to ask him if I am ill.

"I don't think I'm a phenomenon, but I have worked hard to help my team. I have never cried, I have always worked hard to get results with my players. I watched six Roma matches before the Tim Cup final to find their weak points, working eighteen hours because each match takes me about three hours on the computer. After that I spent more hours selecting the parts that I needed and worked on them with the various programmes that are useful for my work. Of course, it's much easier to choose a film to show before the game, but Ranieri forgot that his players are champions, not children.

"I have never said I'm a phenomenon, but it's certainly not my fault if, when I arrived at Chelsea in 2004 and asked why they were changing Ranieri, they replied that they wanted to win and that it would never have happened with him. I'm not to blame for this."

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