Here is the complete list of the situations addressed by the partnership company Inter

MILAN - Today at 19.00 has closed the 2010 transfers dedicated to resolve the co-ownership. A total of 20 situations that managers of FC International have faced. offers the complete list of solutions, player by player (in parenthesis the role)

Enrico ALFONSO (p) comp. Inter/Chievo: renewed

Giuseppe ANGARANO (a) comp. Piacenza/Inter: renewed

Jonathan BIABIANY (c) comp. Parma/Inter: solved in favour of Inter

Manuel CANINI (a) comp. Inter/Cesena: renewed

Raffaele CONFORTO (c) comp. Sassuolo/Inter: renewed

Marco DALLA COSTA (a) comp. Olbia/Inter: solved in favour of Olbia

Federico DEL GROSSO (d) comp. Inter/Ternana: solved in favour of Inter

Simone FAUTARIO (d) comp. Grosseto/Inter: to envelopes

Daniele FEDERICI (d) comp. Grosseto/Inter: solved in favor of Grosseto

Nicolas GIANI (d) comp. Vicenza/Inter: renewed

Luis Antonio JIMENEZ (c) comp. Inter/Ternana: to envelopes

MacDonald MARIGA (c) comp. Inter/Parma: solved in favour of Inter

Daniele MARINO (d) comp. Melfi/Inter: solved in favour of Melfi

Jean MBIDA (d) comp. Inter/Vicenza: solved in favour of Vicenza

Felice NATALINO (d) comp. Inter/Genoa: renewed

Gabriele PUCCIO (c) comp. Portogruaro/Inter: renewed

Michele RIGIONE (d) comp. Inter/Chievo: renewed

Matteo SOLINI (d) comp. Inter/Chievo: renewed

Paolo TORNAGHI (p) comp. Rimini/Inter: to envelopes

Emiliano VIVIANO (p) comp. Inter/Bologna: renewed

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