Julio Cesar: towards new trophies


"We have the chance to end this 2010 with three other cups, we will be doing our best"

PHILADEPHIA - Julio Cesar tries to leave behind the disappointment of the World Cup: now that he has reached his mates in Philadelphia, is the Inter to think: "I wanted to at least reach the final - said Julio Cesar of Inter Channel microphones - but things have happened as they did ... However, is useless to talk now about the World Cup, now I have win new trophies with Inter and from here to December there are three: this group is accustomed always to win, we can't start with different ideas. Our goal is to become even stronger, to win all that we can, starting from the two Super Cups (European and Italian) then move on to World Club Championship. "

With the beginning of this new season Julio Cesar will no longer wear the number 12 on his back but the number one left by Francesco Toldo: "This wan a Paolo Orlandoni's idea and for me it is a honor to wear the number 1 after Toldo: I hope that it brings the same luck that brought him. Then we have had great players in Inter's history, it flatters me. Luca Castellazzi? is a great purchase. When he played against us has always done excellent saves. Coutinho? He's good, let's give him time to grow, then we will see ".

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