Photos: Matrix and Dejan as Rocky



PHILADELPHIA - It's one of the oldest cities in the United States of America. It was the political capital, where there were drafted the Declaration of Independence (in 1776) and the U.S. Constitution. Here, they say, it was sewn for the first time the Stars and Stripes flag. It is the city of industry, railways, Richard Gere and Grace Kelly (among others), of ancient and modern art that blends in the center, on the banks inside the Delaware River on which - from dawn to dusk - people trains, cycling, skating, walking. It is the city of brotherly love, founded in 1681 on the values of freedom and religious tolerance, but Philadelphia is (and remains) in our collective imagination for that particular race, proud and angry, in a film that in 1976 created a myth , winning three Oscars: "Rocky." Five of the six that make up the series were filmed here, but the first one never forgets. A masterpiece of 28 days. And in the masterpiece Sylvester Stallone, runs and breathless climb to the entrance of the Philadelphia Museum of Art: the gray suit, the sweat in the cold, his hands in triumph.

In Nike clothes, Marco Materazzi and Dejan Stankovic, taking advantage of a few hours of rest and with the complicity of our photographer Giorgio Ravezzani, wanted to relive, for them and all the friends of, the scene of "Rocky" .

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