Moratti: "Opening with draws has been lucky for us"


"The new season has only just started, but the team is strong and it just needs time to improve"

MILAN - The day after Inter's Serie A opener against Bologna and with hours to go until the closure of the transfer window, club president Massimo Moratti spoke briefly to journalists at Milan's Linate airport.

"We have started the season with a draw in the last three years, it seems to have brought us luck because we have won the championship every time; so fingers crossed," said Moratti.

"It's clear that there have been important changes on a tactical and psychological level, because the people, like myself, still think about the team at its best at the end of last season, but the new season has only just started, so we need the intelligence and the patience to understand that we will gradually improve.

Will Inter sign any new players for Rafael Benitez before tonight's deadline? "The team hasn't changed," said Moratti. "It's the same as last year and I think it is strong enough as it is, but maybe we will see if something can be done."

Asked if Ibrahimovic's transfer to AC Milan will result in a closer race for the title, Moratti said: "Yes, they have a good team and a formidable attack, so finally there is more competition between us and them now."

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