USA '10: Inter in Plano, Armstrong's land


Inter eadquarters is close to Dallas in the suburb where the cycling champion was born

DALLAS - Here was born Lance Armstrong, seven Tour de France won, 83 yellow jerseys and everything else that has a lot to the history of cycling. Here emigrated, still a child, "Nastia" Luikin, American gymnast born in Russia, an Olympic gold medal. This is the land of alternative rock for Drowning Pool, heavy metal band. This is Plano, Collin County, a suburb north of Dallas, less than 300 thousand inhabitants, a place that is home since tonight (it was morning in Italy) ofn the last stage of U.S. Summer Tour 2010. How would Jack Kerouac said, between 75^ and 190^ regional.

for the team morning off at the hotel. In the second afternoon (18 local time), first training session in Texas for the last friendly match, tomorrow night at Pizza Hut Park stadium in Frisco against FC Dallas of Clark Hunt, team that is reviving after the historic success of 1997 and the disappointment of 2007 final lost against News England Revoution.

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