Moratti: "We're all pleased with Benitez"


"He's working professionally and in good faith. Maicon? I have taken him off the transfer list"

MILAN - Massimo Moratti confirmed that Maicon will be staying at Inter in a brief interview with journalists outside the Saras offices on Monday lunchtime.

"There has been no change of idea, I have taken the player off the transfer list," said Moratti. "Other clubs have been after Maicon and other players, but I consider him such a strong player that I don't want to sell him. The player's attitude in this period was fundamental."

As for the future of Mario Balotelli, the Inter president commented: "There are no big steps. We will see."

Moratti said that additions to the squad may not be necessary. "We're happy with the youngsters who we saw in America - youngsters that we had already seen. So we can stay calm. Mascherano for 30 million? It's not possible at this price because we haven't sold anyone. The same goes for Sculli. If we don't sell, we won't buy."

On José Mourinho's comments about Rafael Benitez, the Inter president said: "Benitez is working very seriously. There are many similar aspects, like their professionalism, the attention to small details, so I think we can win, and if we do, they will be his victories. And we know Mourinho.

"He (Mourinho) said we might see each other (in the 2010/11 Champions League final) at Wembley? I'm pleased. I know he is fond of Inter, and we are very fond of him. But now there is a person who is trying to win over the fans and the club, and he is Benitez. He is doing it professionally and in good faith, so we are all happy."

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