Cordoba on Inter Channel ahead of Roma


"My 300th Serie A game? Here I am with the same desire to play and give a lot to this club"

APPIANO GENTILE - If Ivan Ramiro Cordoba plays against Roma at the Stadio Olimpico on Saturday, it will be his 300th Serie A game for Inter. "It's an incredible number, I never thought I would reach a number like this, yet here I am, still with the same desire to play and to keep giving a lot to this club and this team," the Colombian defender told Inter Channel's Roberto Scarpini.

"I can't complain really, apart from the injuries I have had, especially the serious knee injury. Just being here and being available to give my contribution to the team makes me happy. I'm pleased with what I'm doing and I want to keep doing it for many years to come."

Cordoba made his Inter debut over a decade ago, in a 5-0 home victory over Perugia on 6 January 2000. "It was a good win, but it was cold and foggy," recalled Ivan. "I remember that I arrived on 27 December and for ten days the only thing I thought about was doing well in that game. I couldn't wait to play at San Siro, a stadium that was and always will be legendary for me. Our coach back then was Lippi. He had great confidence in me and I couldn't wait to play. I wanted to do well."

Club president Massimo Moratti visited the Nerazzurri today before their departure for Rome. "I have an excellent relationship with him," said Cordoba. "There's great respect and this is important to feel like part of a family. It means a lot because you just want to go out there on the pitch and repay everything with your work." 

The last Roma v Inter was a kicking match rather than a game of football. Will it be a different story tomorrow? "We hope so," replied Cordoba. "We always want to play football, so we hope to find a team that wants to play football like us and make it an entertaining game. If they want to make it physical, we will be ready, but our reply will be with the ball, with the football. We will try to play, but there will also be a referee who will take care of all the rest. We should help the referees. Sometimes a player only wants to talk and he comes up against a wall, and it's hard like this. There needs to be dialogue so the players and the referee can help one another."

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