Cambiasso: "We have a great mentality"


"Our fans have nothing to worry about. There are no problems. This team will continue to win"

APPIANO GENTILE - Esteban Cambiasso was the player chosen by Rafael Benitez to attend the UEFA press conference on the eve of Inter's Champions League Matchday 2 clash at home to Werder Bremen.

"Werder are a strong team with a great mentality and they showed it against Sampdoria when everyone thought they were out of the Champions League in the qualifying round, so, as always, we will have to be careful," commented the Argentine midfielder. 

The Germans go into tomorrow night's Group A tie without several key players, but this doesn't make the game any easier, according to Cambiasso: "We too have some players out, but this is part of the game, so it won't be decisive for us or them. Those who play will do well. My former team-mate Arnautovic? I will be glad to see him."

Cambiassso knows Werder well, having played against them no less than four times since joining Inter in 2004. "They are not an easy team to play against. Our matches against them, both at home and away, have always been difficult."

The Argentine was asked to comment on Cristian Chivu's outburst against Roma and reveal Benitez's analysis of the defeat at the end of the match. "What happens in the dressing room remains in the dressing room," replied Cambiasso. "As always, we spoke, as a group that wants to win, that has great ambitions, and which is in an enviable position, having already won a trophy.

"There are problems every season and at every club. The clubs that solve them are the ones that celebrate at the end, and we're not worried at all. Our fans have to know that we have a great mentality, and if there are outbursts it means that there's a great mentality. It's better than being passive.

"If I put myself in Benitez's shoes, I would be more worried about the chances we're not scoring. It's important to create the chances and finish them off."

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