"To the fans I say we'll be waiting for them at the Meazza, for the Champions league: we need their support"

VERONA - Match over, Esteban Cambiasso talks to Inter Channel: "We are not living an easy period but games need to be analysed individually: in our best moment they scored, a good move, they did well, and of course then it inevitably gets harder". 

Il Cuchu then talks about his physical condition: "Today in Verona it was not the ideal pitch to come back, it was a real heavy pitch that penalized us, especially for those like me who return from an injury, but I am confident things will get better, my condition will improve, and also with an eye to the Champions League I came off. There was also this thought in the coaches mind".

Finally, speaking of Twente, but not only, Cambiasso sent a message to the Nerazzurri fans: "To the fans I say we wait for them Wednesday evening at San Siro, we need them, as always and more than ever. There are plenty of difficulties but we must grit out teeth".

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