UCL, Zanetti: "With spirit and quality"


"Nobody is thinking about a managerial change, but only about doing well tomorrow and clinching qualification"

APPIANO GENTILE - Javier Zanetti is the player chosen by Rafa Benitez for the press conference on the eve of Inter-Twente, Match day 5 of Group A in the UEFA Champions League, which will be played tomorrow at the Stadio Meazza in San Siro, Milan (kick-off 8:45pm).

"Tomorrow we will face a team that plays well. The first meeting was very tough, when they attack they can make it difficult for you and we will have to be very alert," started Zanetti, who then continued by discussing Inter's difficult moment and explaining how "in football everything can change: we have faith that we can play a good game and win to gain qualification. We know we are living a difficult moment, but we look ahead, we don't dwell on the critics, which however are obviously present as Inter is a team that has been winning for 5 years. But we carry on calmly."

"We all try to give our best, and sometimes we manage this, sometimes we don't. I understand President Moratti who said we need spirit, we will try and combine this with a good performance," commented the Captain when asked of the not very aggresive attitude with which the players sometimes take to the field. "Difficult moments can happen, I repeat: but we must stay calm and have faith that the moment will change, already from tomorrow evening. We want it to change and we will take to the field to give our all for that to happen," added Zanetti.

"When we walk on to the pitch we aren't thinking of the risk of hurting ourselves, that would have no sense. It is true that we are numbered, but that is also part of our job," replied the Captain when asked if, in light of all the injuries, there was a sense of fear when on the pitch.

Zanetti was then asked about the rumours of a change on the bench: "A managerial change? Nobody is thinking about that, but only about doing well tomorrow and recovering the players that are missing."

Then the Nerazzurri Captain replies when asked f he has the feeling that there are too many rumours and complaints around Inter these days: "I don't know if any of my teammates are talking with someone about you or is complaining about the coach, I can say what I know and what I say, but I do not believe this is happening. Is someone talking to the President asking for a change in coach? I can tell you that what was invented about Cambiasso the other day was shameful."

Lastly a comment on the Eto'o case: "Eto'o has enough experience an he himself knows he was wrong: he made a mistake, it is a shame, especially now that we are in so few. He made a big mistake and for this he will be punished."

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