Benitez: "Thanks to everyone"


The Spanish coach's farewell to president Moratti, to all of Inter, to the players and to the fans

MILAN - (ANSA) What follow are Rafa Benitez's goodbyes to President Moratti, to Inter, to the players, and to the fans after the official announcement expressing the mutual agreement that saw his contract rescinded. A thank you also to the President for having chosen his services as a coach.

"I want to thank everyone" were Benitez's words as he spoke to ANSA, "for the support given to me during my time at Inter. I also want to personally thank, on behalf of my staff, the players, the employees at the club, and the fans who had faith in us. The two trophies won were the result of the hard work of everyone who stood by us, as they maintained professionalism, politeness, respect and dedication to the club as their main principles." "We are very proud of all of this." continued Benitez. "Despite the obvious sadness that comes when leaving a big club like Inter, we depart with happy memories of the fans who welcomed us back after success in the Club World Cup. It is also my wish to bid farewell to the players, the staff and the employees who, due to the festive period, I won't be able to say goodbye to personally over the next few days”. Benitez concluded: “To all of them, and to the club and fans, I wish the utmost sporting success in the future. Finally, it is right that I should thank President Massimo Moratti for having, at the time, chosen me to be the Inter coach."

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