Moratti: "Leonardo did very well in Catania"


"He changed things around during the game and it had the required effect. We did what we had to"

MILAN - As he left the Saras offices, president Massimo Moratti answered questions from the journalists who had been waiting outside since early morning.

Here are the Nerazzurri president's comments in full:

After yesterday's win over Catania, can we say that Inter have begun their charge back up to the top of the table?

"We did what we had to. We needed to win and we did. And we did it well, in what was a very difficult game. I think the coach did a great job because he changed things around during the game and it had the required effect. It depends on what the other teams do as to whether we can work our way back up slowly."

What is the secret behind this turnaround: winning the Club World Cup, having your injured players back or Leonardo coming in as coach?

"All three of those things. Naturally you need your best players available - it makes the team better. And the Club World Cup win was a huge confidence boost; but what we need to take us forward is a good coach and we've got that."

Mr Moratti, are you happy with the squad as it is or might Alexis Sanchez be joining in the transfer window?

"I don't think so."

Do you regret not buying Edinson Cavani?

"You always regret not getting great players but you can't buy everyone [he smiles]"

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