Leonardo: "Coppa Italia protagonists again"


The first part of the coach's exclusive interview with Inter Channel the day before Inter v Genoa

APPIANO GENTILE - Inter have been the main protagonist in the Coppa Italia in recent seasons and we hope to carry that on this year." Leonardo has no doubts: Inter are taking tomorrow's cup match very seriously. The coach was speaking exclusively to Inter Channel the day before the team's round-of-16 tie against Genoa. The interview will be broadcast on the Zona Mista programme at 16:30 and on the news at 19:30, but in the meantime you can read it here on inter.it.

"After winning two games and with the team looking better and better, we've now got another important match to play," the Inter coach continued. "Also because every time you time you play it has an effect on you: every game leaves its mark and teaches you something. That's why we'll approach every match in the same way. Will I rest players? I think you have to rest players in the league sometimes as well, not just in the cup. We've just played two big games and they took a lot out of us physically, but we have strength in depth and at the moment I've got almost the whole squad available. That's why changing things around isn't only about resting players; you might tinker with the side a bit so you can take a better look at those who haven't played as much. But as I said, that happens in the league too. It's important to manage the resources you've got so that that you always put out players who are in good shape, and that includes some of those who were involved in the last two matches and who are on top of their game."

"It's not a case of keeping players happy. All the players are doing their job and showing full commitment in training, not only those who played the last two games. And that's important. They're all fit and want to keep getting better so if I pick them it's not because it's the cup. The cup is an important target for us. It's easy to say, 'Well, it's only the cup,' but when you lose no one is happy. What's more, you only have to win three games and you're in the final. That's why it's a very clear, definite target for us, with tough opposition blocking our path: we've got Genoa, and it's a game we have to get right. If I do decide to make changes it's to freshen things up with players that have played less and who are capable of doing a good job."

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