Inter Channel, Eto'o: "I work to win"


"We must stay fully focused against Cesena; we'll battle and show them respect to get the three points"

APPIANO GENTILE - Interviewed by Inter Channel, Samuel Eto'o spoke about himself, his view on life and on football, and about his future: "I've always reasoned that I have to keep bettering myself. I think I have a broad view of African and world football and I want to experience what it's like to coach a club or a national team, then move onto something else. I think that when I was born God gave me a chance: if you work, you can win. I like winning. I've won a lot as a player and I want to carry on winning but I also want to win as a coach and when I've done that I want to win as a director too. I want to keep moving forwards; I don't want there to be any stage in my professional life where it feels empty. Because when you talk to a player it's good to be able to say 'I was in your shoes and this is what I did to win'; and as a director, to be able to talk about what you did to help the group mature when you were a coach and about your other experiences of winning as a child and as an adult in different roles. As a director you have a different view of things but it's important to be able to talk about the various ways you can achieve success at every stage of life, so that you can help people understand that by setting things up the right way you can get the results you want."

Finally, a word about tomorrow's game against Cesena: "When you play football and you want to win there is no such thing as a less important game. Every team you face is the same. Sometimes you're up against teams that, on paper, are much stronger and who have great players; other times less so. But all of us here at Inter, whether it's AC Milan, Roma or Cesena, we go into the game with the same hunger. And anyone who loves football, anyone who wants to win and who knows what it takes to win respects teams like Cesena. When I'm asked if I find it hard to remain fully focused sometimes playing against teams like Cesena, I say no. I'm in love with football and I know it's easy to stay focused against AC Milan or Roma. It's against these teams, teams like Cesena, that you have to be careful to keep your concentration up. There are no easy games and I hope that on Wednesday we'll be battling and showing our opponents respect. And I hope the three points stay here in Milan."

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