Leonardo: "I believe in our football"


"It's a really competitive league this year and there's so much left to play. Let's worry about one game at a time"

APPIANO GENTILE - "Nothing that happens can be explained by a single factor. It's always a series of factors, each of which might influence things zero or a hundred. It's not that I came along and everything started working; I came along, players returned from injury, there's a lot of enthusiasm about the place, there's also the work Rafa Benitez did that enabled the players to recover. You can't separate all these things. We are always the result of the moment. There may have been lots of injuries and differences of opinion with Benitez but the same things may happen with me. Add all the various factors together and you get a certain result; other factors together produce a different result. You can't weigh up a single factor and say Benitez is the guilty party and Leo is the saviour. That would be far too superficial. Benitez could go to another team now, do really well and win everything. Here things panned out for him in a certain way but that's just life. The same thing goes for the players: it's absurd, embarrassing even, to talk about a 'before' and an 'after'. It's not fair. Let's just leave them in peace. What's in the past is in the past. We're just trying to win; that's all. That's what the club wants." That was how Leonardo replied when asked yet again about the differences between Rafa Benitez's Inter and his own Inter.

The coach also spoke about Diego Milito's fitness, with the striker again on the sidelines: "Of course, it's far from ideal him being out again, but I don't think this injury will be as bad for him as the others. It's a minor thing and in his mind he knows he's ok. He did well in the games he's played and he's clearly on the up. I think he'll be able to stay at the same level he's already reached. I expect he'll be able to increase his workload in a few days' time and he'll be available again soon."

Leonardo was then asked about how he saw things shaping up in the league: "The league is really competitive this year and there are lots of teams up there. There is so much left to play. I'm not thinking about the 'remuntada' [comeback] or 'non-remuntada' that I've been reading about. I'm thinking about the next match we have to play and about our own game, our own football - that's what will enable us to make it to March-April time and still be in the thick of things."

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