Leonardo: "Just a defeat, no big deal"


"The game hinged on a couple of decisive episodes. But one match doesn't change the game plan"

UDINE - "In football you lose games; it's no big deal. It won't change the way we see things and it won't change the way I see the team." That was how Leonardo commented his first defeat as Nerazzurri coach, which came at the hands of Udinese at the stadio Friuli.

"Full credit to the opposition - they are capable of hurting any team," continued Leonardo. "Udinese played very well - both as individuals and as a team. Especially in the second half. They scored three goals from set pieces and there were other episodes that proved decisive, particularly leading up to the goal that made it 2-1. Was there a penalty on Cambiasso? It was a penalty but there's no need to stir up controversy. I don't want to discuss refereeing decisions - I never do that, whether it goes for you or against you. Talking about the referee doesn't change anything."

"We got off to a great start," added the Inter coach. "Taking the lead at a stadium like this and against a team like Udinese was no mean feat, so I don't think it was a case of us making mistakes or losing our concentration. Perhaps we were a bit tense because of how a few things went. The first half was an evenly balanced affair but Udinese had the upper hand in the second half. However, I must say that hardly any of the goals we've conceded from set pieces have been because we were caught out by the opposition; most have been because of a lucky deflection or rebound. So I don't think we have a problem with man-marking at set pieces."

Speaking about Jonathan Biabiany, the coach said: "We have always thrown him in at the deep end - today and against Cesena. That's not easy. Do we need to buy a striker? We'll see. If the opportunity arises for us to bring in a player who can fit in well here, then maybe; otherwise no."

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