Leonardo: "We don't sign players for the sake of it"


"Ranocchia is a very important player, for this season and for the club's future"

APPIANO GENTILE – During the press conference on the eve of the TIM Cup game, Leonardo was questioned on the Rossoneri’s actions throughout this transfer market, to which the Inter coach replied:  “I think everyone makes their own decisions, they see what possibilities there are and whether they can be realized, and then act in the transfer window based on those decisions and possibilities. I don’t think it is feasible to make comparisons between two different situations. I believe everyone makes their own assessments, and then if they believe there is the need to do something they will act accordingly. What needs to be assessed is whether or not the player can integrate himself in the group in the best possible manner, only at that point can the decision on whether to sign him or not be made. These sorts of judgements are made separately from one team to another; it’s not that one team does and it, the other one doesn’t and that only the team that makes the signings can go on to win. I think that when we have our squad at full strength, we can have our say against anyone.” 

The topic then returned to the defeat suffered at the hands of Udinese: “We came up against a team that is in a really good vein of form; they played a really good second half and we gave them too many opportunities to score.”

When questioned on the possible line-up for tomorrow’s game at the Stadio San Paolo, Leonardo answered: “We will keep into account that there are three players who are suspended for the game against Palermo this weekend, but we will be thinking about more than just that. Clearly some players will have to recover or it will become impossible for us to play every game.”

To finish off a comment on Andrea Ranocchia: “Obviously when a player arrives in the middle of the season he encounters a group with its own situation and this is a natural thing. Then we must remember that Andrea arrived in a group where there are many experienced defenders. It is important for him to adapt, to understand their way of playing, and to get to know his new teammates. It is then unfortunate that when he could have had an opportunity to get a game there was that issue over whether we could play him or not, and that delayed things further. Either way he is a very important player, not just for this season but for the future of the Nerazzurri.”

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