Speaking from the Stadio Giuseppe Meazza, he will donate the revenue of his sponsor to the children of Brazil

MILAN – This morning, at the Stadio Giuseppe Meazza in San Siro, the Nerazzurri midfielder, Thiago Motta, was the protagonist of a press conference organized by his personal technical sponsor, during which it was highlighted that the Brazilian midfielder will donate the revenue from the sponsorship deal to the Brazilian institute Esporte & Educacao, which was created by the retired volley ball player, Ana Beatriz Moser, and that since 2001 has been involved in social and educational activities in Brazil, promoting sport to children. The midfielder said: “We met each other and I was really impressed by her initiative.”

Thiago Motta then spoke of the current affairs surrounding the Nerazzurri, starting from his own condition and yesterday’s win over Palermo: “I am constantly improving and feeling better; the personalized programme I am conducting with the fitness coach and the doctor is helping me a lot; I think by continuing on this road I will keep improving and be able to play a lot more. Yesterday we played like Inter: we went down by two goals despite the fact we were playing well. In the break the coach changed some things around, and we took to the field for a great second half, both on a mental and a playing level; and this was not easy to do as Palermo are a great team. We are happy to have Pazzini with us; yesterday he gave the team the opportunity to change the game. We welcomed him, he is a good lad, and he gave a lot right from day one; that is why we are happy. The game changed when Julio Cesar saved the penalty: I was on the ground distraught; he came to me and said: “get up; I’m going to save it.” I made a mistake as I wanted to run the ball out of the box; it was a mistake of a fraction of a second… I should have just cleared it, but the way I play football is to try and play the ball. I have played in front of the defence a lot, especially when I was at Barcelona; I have done so on my own or with a teammate beside me: I really enjoy it as the defensive phase becomes a lot easier, particularly against quick opposition. It was Leonardo who suggested I take this position, I said I was ok with it, but he knows I am willing to play in any position to help the team.”

The midfielder was then asked if he was expecting a call-up from Cesare Prandelli for the Italy national side: “I have said on many occasions that I would like that, but I keep my feet on the ground. I have had a lot of satisfaction from football, but that would be one of the biggest. It is true that I was born in Brazil, but my family is Italian, I arrived in Europe at a young age and my career changed in Italy, since being in Italy I enjoy my football a lot more. I would only play for one national team, and that will be Italy if I receive the call-up. If not I will only play for Inter.”

Thiago Motta then returned to the topic of Inter: “Leonardo arrived at the right moment, with his humbleness, his intelligence, and with his belief system. When he arrived we were in need of something, and he brought the enthusiasm with which he lives football. We are getting back to being the Inter side that wants to win and wants to play its football. Our objectives are the same ones we had in the last season; we will try and get as close as possible to winning things. Jose’ Mourinho? He changed Inter; he is the best. He has won a lot, and has an extraordinary mental strength, but Leonardo was a great champion in his day and he puts all his experience at our disposal.”

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