Leonardo: "Of course we believe we can catch up"


"Our aim must be nothing less than to win each game, one at a time, and enjoy being on the pitch"

APPIANO GENTILE - We bring you the second part of Leonardo's press conference, in which the coach oozed determination and enthusiasm going into tomorrow's game against Catania.

Discussion turned to what happened during the Napoli game, and the hugs shared between the coach and the players. "That was spontaneous; if we start trying to explain everything that happens it just becomes mechanical, and I don't want to be mechanical. Tactics can be mechanical, some of the things we do on the pitch. But that was spontaneous. Football is about passion, in the good and the bad. Passion is important and hugging is perhaps the greatest human gesture there is - in the good and the bad, I repeat."

"This team is already set up," the coach continued, "but of course lots of things can happen along the way: you win, you lose, you have problems. But this team already works. It doesn't need someone to come along and fix it. It's already tuned. Of course, if you throw in some joy - the simple joy of doing things - then it will run even better. We must enjoy just being here, coming in in the morning, training, getting ready for the game, competing, proving ourselves - and that includes competing against each other for places. That's what football is all about and I'm here to try and improve each and every player."

"Samuel Eto'o is a huge asset to this team; he has been for a long time. An asset that's now available again, at last. He doesn't have to make a new impact, just be himself."

"I've never stepped onto the pitch thinking about any result other than victory," explained Leonardo when asked how far he thought Inter could climb up the table. "If we always achieve our target, which is to win, then we can work out the maths at the end. The idea at the moment is just to win them all. Of course we believe we can catch up, but one step at a time, and starting with tomorrow. That's the most important game because it's the first one. And we want to win it."

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