Nagatomo on Inter Channel: "Me and Coutinho..."


The Japanese full-back's interview to be shown on Inter Channel's news programme at 19:30

APPIANO GENTILE - He's working, smiling and settling into the group very quickly. And he's won everybody over with two things that come to him naturally: his eagerness and his banter. That's Yuto Nagatomo, and his personality comes through clearly in an interview that will be aired on Inter Channel's news programme at 19:30 this evening.

He understands everything in Italian but only replies in Italian to answer light-hearted questions. When talking about Juventus and about getting ready for tomorrow's game, he wants to express himself properly and opts for Japanese: "I've got to know my team-mates a lot better since last week. I've had a whole week to train and it's done me good. I think I've been working well and if I'm called upon I'm ready." He went on: "I knew I had to work very hard in training because we've got a big match coming up. If I'm given the chance, I'm ready to show everyone that I'm up to playing in Juve v Inter."

There's the eagerness. The banter, in Italian, comes at the end when Nagatomo is asked about the investigation launched by Marco Materazzi in training to find out who is taller between himself and Philippe Coutinho. Yuto has no doubts: "I'm taller... he even wears longer studs to try and beat me."

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