"We have 14 matches left; I don't think anything has been compromised"

TURIN - "In the first half we struggled to put moves together, the build-ups were slow and it was difficult to get the attacks going. We also had to endure a lot of counter-attacks. Juve played a great match and we lacked sharpness. In the first half 1-0 for Juve was the right score. We improved in the second half when the team was attacking, but Juve, though they left us some room, defended well. A draw would have been a fair result, but it didn't come. If we had managed to score, we would have tried to win," was Leonardo's comment following the defeat to Juventus in Turin.

"I expected Juventus to be good, I'd been watching them improve, also against Cagliari. Tonight the Juventus players read the game and played well," added the coach.

"To be honest I don't think anything has been compromised. There are still a lot of games to be played; we have 14 to play, while the other teams have 13. Nothing has been compromised. My attitude hasn't changed. If you look at the league table and the matches we have left I can't think of this as ruining our chances. We'll try and win the matches from here on in because we have the resources to do so. One loss or one win cannot decide the title. In Florence we have a chance to move up. We'll be playing a team which is coming back into form, so we can expect a very difficult match," stressed the Nerazzurri coach.

"In the second half," he continued, "we had a bit more life about us; it's a shame that in the first half we didn't get into the game right from the start as we should have and as we usually do. And, unfortunately, the goal never came. Materazzi instead of Cordoba? Ivan is playing very well at the moment. You can't judge someone on a single incident. Our attitude can't change now. We must maintain this standard of play and put together some useful results again. If we think that we can win seven of our next nine games, it definitely wouldn't be a bad thing."

"I don't think," added Leonardo, "that the team was looking for a turning point, because I don't think it's so important. What we wanted to do was catch up with the group who are in the running for the title, so what we need to do now is pick ourselves up and hold on to all the good things we have done. We have used up a lot of energy because we needed to pick up points. In the first half the main problem was one of tactics, with very few men ahead of the ball playing against a very compact Juventus side. I don't think there were any problems in defence. The problems came from Juventus' attacking style. Motta is playing well in front of the defence, even if all of the players can swap roles, changing them around is another alternative that we have."

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