More than 80 children and 40 coaches took part in training and refresher courses

BEFOUSAAM - Inter Campus is continuing to tour around the 180 villages involved in the Cameroon project and Bafoussam, on the Bamileké plateau, was the location of Inter Campus' latest visit. More than 80 children took part in the training course run by Campus coaches Alberto Giacomini and Raffaele Quaranta. 40 local trainers were on the refresher course, which included a final exam.

There was lots of fun for the children. Basil, Bebeto and Fotso - who played in the Inter Campus 2009 World Cup - had grown a lot and were particularly proud to be involved this time around. Local officials from the Ministry of Sport were also present.

Inter Campus' next visit, in the summer, will be in the Eastern part of the country in the equatorial forest in Bertoua.

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