Moratti: "We believe we can do it. Absolutely"

MORATTI: "WE BELIEVE WE CAN DO IT. ABSOLUTELY" brings you the full version of the comments made by the Nerazzurri president this afternoon

MILAN – Upon leaving his offices in the centre of Milan, Inter president Massimo Moratti gave a brief interview to the waiting journalists. brings you the president's comments in full.

How much do you believe in Inter overturning the deficit against Bayern?

"We believe we can do it, absolutely. Also because we did well in the game in Milan. We made a mistake only in the last minute, but otherwise we were set out well and so I hope we can do the same there - but with the result going our way this time."

What did you tell the players in Appiano Gentile to get them even more motivated?

"There is a much more direct and less official form of dialogue compared to in a conference. I think they understand, they are all mature and with the necessary personal experience to understand what is required."

Does the draw between AC Milan and Bari give you a further boost for this game too?

"In terms of morale it is better to go there five points behind instead of seven, as it gives us the feeling we are still involved in the title race. What is negative is Friday's result, slightly diluted by what happened yesterday."

Do you expect to meet Ibrahimovic in the derby?

"I'm sorry for Ibra, but what will be, will be."

Do you think there might be some strain in the Rossoneri camp? Are they feeling the pressure of having Inter on their heels?

"No, Ibrahimovic's frustration has nothing to do with that. His was just a reaction, nothing more."

But it would be strange if Ibrahimovic got to play in the derby, particularly considering what happened to Eto'o and Chivu in similar circumstances...

"You are trying to get me into things that I have no intention of discussing. It will work itself out."

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