Sneijder: "Score and win, we can do it"


"We lost the first 90 minutes but we can win now. Really exciting atmosphere: we're all focused and confident"

MUNICH – Tomorrow is the big night and, judging by his words and his face, Wesley Sneijder can't wait. It's the return leg of the UEFA Champions League Round of 16 and the Dutchman is the player chosen by Leonardo to accompany him in the pre-match press conference. Sneijder speaks in English so that he can express the concepts better, and he makes it clear that he and Inter are up for it: "To win we have to score but it's a 180-minute tie; we lost the first 90 minutes but we're capable of winning tomorrow evening. This match represents the cream of the Champions League, one of those games that gets the hairs on the back of your neck up. We're all focused and convinced we can do it."

Sneijder didn't want to comment on Van Gaal's announced June departure from Bayern Munich ("I'm concentrating on Inter") but he says he is happy to meet up with friends and Netherlands team-mates. And no one is looking back towards Italy: "At the moment we're focused on Bayern Munich. We think we can overturn the first-leg result and qualify. Only then will we start thinking about the league and AC Milan."

Interviewed shortly afterwards on the Allianz Arena pitch by Sky Sport Italia's Massimiliano Nebuloni, Sneijder admitted that he has never played there before, but underlined that "We are a team and we always play as a team. We don't depend on anyone in particular. We're confident because we played well in the first leg. It will be difficult but we're confident. We've got to score. They are ahead but you can't talk about chances of qualifying in terms of percentages. We just have to score and win. And we believe we will."

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