Julio Cesar: "A big thank you to my team-mates"


"When I made that mistake I just wanted to disappear, then after Pandev scored I started to cry"

MUNICH - Speaking to Sky Sport Italia, Julio Cesar analysed the game and his mistake on Bayern's first goal: "That was a terrible moment. When I let that in I just wanted to disappear immediately, go back to Milan - on foot, on horseback, whatever - but then I pulled myself together. The goal was like a cold shower, but thanks to my team-mates we got back into it. I really must congratulate them. Still, you learn from your mistakes. I messed up tonight, more than in the first leg for sure, but fortunately we're here now talking about our victory. Afterwards I rolled my sleeves up and got on with it. Which save was the most difficult? Maybe the one from Ribery. What did I do when Pandev scored? I started to cry, I thanked God and my team-mates. I would have been in a really bad way if we'd lost, but these are things that help you become more mature. Let's hope that's the end of the mistakes now."

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