Moratti: "A victory with personality and character"


The statements made by the Nerazzurri president at the end of Bayern Munich v Inter at the Allianz Arena

MUNICH – Nerazzurri president Massimo Moratti commented on the game to Sky Sport Italia: "It was a strange game. It had moments that were completely different from one to the next, first manageable, then dangerous. In the second half we controlled the game well once again and then, when the team felt sure of themselves again, they sealed the win. Julio Cesar? When a goalkeeper makes an error like that it's an accident. You can't ever judge him because he then goes on to make incredible saves, just as he did tonight. Pandev wasn't in the game tonight, but the god of football is strange… Good for him, though, because otherwise it would have been a disaster [smiling]. The team has personality, character and is very united; even when things go wrong this team knows how to turn it around. In the quarters we'll get Barcelona - again [smiling]. Does Leonardo deserve a ten for this game? I think so, also because during the game it was truly tough from a psychological standpoint and he was fantastic."

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