Materazzi: "Crazy Inter? Maybe, but..."


What the Nerazzurri defender said on his official website about the win over Bayern

MILAN - (from the official site of Marco Materazzi) "Inter crazy? Maybe, but if this is what crazy is then I think it's fantastic to be Inter - a team that's capable of pulling off feats like that and being involved in such intense, vibrant matches, just how I like them. Crazy only up to a certain point, mind: all you have to do is watch the second half again to see that, beyond our unpredictability, first and foremost we had the intelligence and patience to read the game well and wait for the right moment to strike Bayern: not too soon, but not too late. And it was great that Goran Pandev was the one to score the decisive goal, someone who had too often, before yesterday, lost his personal battle with luck. Yesterday's victory was crucial from a psychological standpoint, for him and for us all, but there's no stopping now: on Sunday we've got Lecce. The Serie A, not just the Champions League, is there waiting for us.

"I have just a few words for Schweinsteiger, who felt he had to come up with something original and accuse me of provoking. It's a shame he'd been sounding off for the last two weeks, saying that yesterday evening would be revenge for Madrid; that he was curious to see if we would play like Italians; that he only knows the faces of the AC Milan players. Well, I reckon he knows our faces as well now. And I'm supposed to have been the one doing the stirring - unless he's referring to the moment when I reminded him that it's better to wait until you've actually won before opening your mouth..."

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