Moratti: "Careful, let's not get carried away"


The president also commented on the championship race after the Ambrogino d'Oro ceremony at Palazzo Marino

MILAN – Following the award ceremony in which Inter were bestowed with the Ambrogino d'Oro at Milan Town Hall, president Massimo Moratti gave a brief interview to the journalists present.

Mr Moratti, which of the images shown during the Ambrogino ceremony did you like most?

"They were all wonderful. Each success was hard-fought and exciting so I enjoyed all our victories. I wouldn't like to choose."

The crowd roared when each player's name was called out as they received their award scrolls but there was a particularly loud cheer for Diego Milito...

"It's a good sign and it helps remind us how important a role he played throughout our Treble success. He deserves to get the recognition for who he is."

Josè Mourinho wasn't here today: should an award scroll be sent to him too?

"Of course. It's only right that he should get one and that his presence should be felt here today, just as all the players deserved to be here. Who knows what he would have said today... Anyway, I'll call him to reiterate our affection for him."

Moving onto the league, how are Inter set for the run-in?

"I think Inter have done very well recently. Since January the team has done very well indeed. I'm extremely proud of what the players and Leonardo have achieved, and I hope they can keep it up now that they have the extra motivation of being close to reaching the target. I also want to thank them for what they managed to do in a difficult moment, at the end of 2010."

Do you really believe it is possible to make up these five points?

"Anything is possible in football. It's also possible that we could drop further back. We have to be very careful and not get carried away. At the moment we are five points behind; we have to hope that we do well and the others don't do quite so well."

AC Milan are very strong up front...

"Yes, they have done very well."

Have you thought about who you want to win on Saturday evening between Juventus and AC Milan?

"People keep asking me that, but I haven't thought about it yet..."

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