"We have to come back with a clearness to our game to finish as high as possible, also in the Coppa Italia"

PARMA - "Rather than thinking of the table now we're thinking of our conditioning," began Leonardo after the defeat against Parma. "We need points, but mathematically it becomes increasingly more difficult however. Apart from the 8 points, we're thinking about recovering our conditioning. Tonight we started with too much haste to our game, but not because we were short on fuel. Then they scored on their first chance, and then it was noticeable that we ran out of gas. However, the team kept fighting until the end. They looked for the equaliser and then the winner, but instead we let in another goal."

The coach was then asked about the exclusions he made and whether he would make them again: "It's not about what I would do or wouldn't do. The choices were made at the beginning and they were made considering who was better off than the others. Now we need peace and calm in order to come back with the clearness to our game that we had. To gain more points and to finish as high as possible, also in the Coppa Italia."

Leonardo was asked what was the cause of the defeat: "We've lost so many games in different ways, because many things are missing, not just one thing. It's a chain that can be set off in a positive or negative way. After an enormous run-up, we needed everything to be at 100 percent, and we didn't have it. I repeat, now we have to recover our energy, use our experience and have clearness of mind. We got to a position to fight for first place because we built upon several things, starting with motivation. Then we started to lose the things that we needed. Now we have to recover our energy and manage it the best way possible. Other assessments aren't needed."

Leonardo added, "Things inside me don't change because of wins or losses. I've been in football for quite a few years now and I know that all of the assessments, and also the criticisms, are made with emotionalism. I know that that's life for a coach and I accept that with serenity, while at the same time concentrating clearly on what I have to do to end the season with the goals that we have. We can't deny that the recent defeats have left their mark, but the team's desire is still there."

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