NASA: Inter conquers space, too


Paolo Nespoli, flight engineer and Inter fan, celebrated his birthday in space; the Inter shirt was our gift

MILAN – Believe it or not if you surf the NASA website today, you might bump into Inter. The site is, and the person gyrating on board the International Space Station in the Nerazzurri shirt is 54-year-old Paolo Nespoli from Milan. He's an Inter fan and a spaceman - or to put it technically, a flight engineer - and has been part of this incredible experience since December. The mission, called MagISStra, will come to an end in a few hours. Paolo has been in touch via twitter every minute of the way and the shirt he's wearing was a present given to him by Inter for his birthday on 6 April. We've always said that Inter knows no boundaries and has fans in every corner of the earth: now all that's left for us to conquer is space.

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