P.U.P.I. Foundation: 10 years together


Another landmark reached by captain Zanetti: on 15 September from 19:00 at the World Join Center in Milan

MILAN – Paula and Javier Zanetti and all of the P.U.P.I Foundation members are organising a magical evening to celebrate its 10th anniversary, looking back over the emotions and successes of the past 10 years and the goals they have achieved, as well as outlining their plans for the future, in the company of some very special guests.

This will be an opportunity to meet everyone who over the years has and still supports the Foundation's projects. During the "10 Years Together..." evening on 15 September 2011 at the WJC (World Join Center, viale Achille Papa 30, Milan), from the aperitif all the way through to the dinner, there will be a host of fun events with shows, music and photographs depicting the Foundation's first ten years. To round off the evening there will be a charity auction where guests can bid for unique items which have been donated by stars from the worlds of sport, music and show business.

The event will also be an opportunity to describe to all their friends the main target of this tenth year of activity: building a new headquarters for the Foundation in Buenos Aires, a better equipped centre where children and their relatives can benefit from the projects they have been involved in for years in larger, better structured spaces.

Ten years ago, Paula and Javier Zanetti decided to set up the P.U.P.I. (Por Un Piberio Integrado) Foundation with the aim of involving all sectors of society and providing support to an area of extreme poverty in the Argentine Republic. With the Foundation the Zanettis created a space where socially disadvantaged and differently abled children can receive, from early childhood, the care and education they need in every moment of their lives. It's based on a vision of a fair and supportive society in which everyone is given the same opportunities to grow up and where nobody is excluded or marginalised.

The main mission of the P.U.P.I. Foundation is to tackle the problem of poverty and marginalisation by stimulating the development of the most vulnerable sectors of society on a local level, based on criteria of integration and by providing quality services. Many projects have been set up in Argentina including the integration projects "An alternative for life I and II" and "Mama Amor", the sports project "Sport makes everyone equal", the productive training project "Let's regain our dignity", the housing project "Let's build a house together" and many more. Over these 10 years of dedicated work, around 1,000 people – children, adolescents, young adults, mothers, fathers, relatives in general and communities - have benefited from these projects.

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