Forlan to ANSA: "Inter, I'm very hungry"


Read what the striker said in an interview with ANSA's Daniela Simonetti before the Christmas break

MILAN – (ANSA; by Daniela Simonetti) Diego Forlan is ready to provide some extra firepower to an Inter side that is starting to turn things around and win again: after his long injury layoff that began on 11 October, the striker is finally ready to enter the stage once more and show his talent. Forlan's season – on a par with Inter's – didn't get off to a good start: first there was the Champions League mix-up and the disappointment of finding out that he wasn't eligible to play for Inter in Europe until January. Then the long spell on the sidelines with a grade 3 tear in the femoris biceps muscle of his left leg, after Forlan got injured on international duty for Uruguay in a 2014 World Cup qualifier against Paraguay. After putting his team in front he was forced to leave the pitch seven minutes from the end, and the celebrations for a goal that consecrated his place as Uruguay's all-time top scorer quickly turned to despair. But now that chapter is closed and another is about to begin: Forlan is fit again, as he explains himself in an interview with ANSA, and the only Christmas present he wants is to remain in good health. Timid, reserved, the sort of player who shies away from the limelight, Forlan uses measured words to describe his state of mind and his future expectations.

How do you feel after your injury in October?

"I feel good, very good. In a strange way this injury turned out to be a good thing because it gave me the chance to rest properly, to take a breather. Now I've started training and playing with the team again. I just hope I can be a success."

Ranieri didn't want to rush your return, on the contrary. But he says it wasn't easy to hold you back: he claims he had to chain you down...

"It's the coach who decides. He knows what is best as he's very experienced. Together with the doctors, he takes the best decisions for me and the team. I'm calm and happy."

You had never had a serious injury in your career. How do you explain what happened in October?

"It's very simple: I hadn't had a proper holiday since the World Cup. I played loads of games for Atletico Madrid. Then came the Copa America [won by Uruguay under Tabarez with Forlan – Ed.]. No breaks between all the competitions. Then I came here to Milan and a new club where everything was different -  it was a new adventure. I had to deal with lots of travelling and going back and forth. Playing for Uruguay in the qualifiers for Brazil 2014 meant adapting to sudden climate changes. First we played in Uruguay where it was cool, then two days later we were in Paraguay in the heat. That sort of thing can take a lot out of you, especially if you never actually stop."

Inter have started winning games again but the forwards are still struggling to hit the target. In fact more goals have come from defenders.

"We've come through a tough period but now the side is winning and the main thing is to be fully confident in your own ability. When you're not playing well, you have fewer opportunities to score. But players such as Pazzini and Milito or myself never forget how to hit the back of the net. And once your confidence is brimming again and things are working out better, the strikers get back in amongst the goals."

What do you think of Olympique Marseille, Inter's next opponents in the Champions League?

"All the sides that have reached the knockout phase are strong. But it's hard to say at the moment because you have to see what form the teams are in when the match is played, which is at the end of February. We're starting to win again at the moment and we're different to what we were two months ago. We're improving and we'll get better still."

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